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If you love hearing ghost stories, folklore and real life horrible histories you are in the right place.

Find out all the best places haunted places all over the world to fuel your paranormal and supernatural curiosities.

Learn about all of the terrible history about places which have left the surrounding atmosphere lingering with horror. See which places call out to you and add them to your next spooky travels itinerary! If you are looking for more spooky travels - be sure to check out my Spooky Travel Guides!


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Czech Republic

Looking for More Dark History?

Spooky travels can be fun and exciting. Historic stories mixed with folklore and tales of the supernatural. However, if you want to steep yourself into a world of a dark history and even darker tourist sites be sure to check out the Dark Tourism section.

Learn real horrible histories from all over the world. Travel to places where the plague wiped out thousands of people. Walk across the cobbled stones where history lived. Visit the sites where innocent men and women were accused of witchcraft and ultimately lost their lives from hanging, being pressed to death or being burned at the stake.
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