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England is a country bursting at the seams with history. There are so many England Destinations for fans of history, dark history and everything else along the way.

From the dark history of the witch trials in England to haunted things to do in York to the dark tales of the Plague Village of Eyam, there is a lot to explore in England for dark and spooky history lovers.

If there is any specific place in England you want to know more about, be sure to send me an email and let me know!

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The medieval English city of York has a dark history. From suffering through the Black Death to being bombed in WWII, to the heads of enemies being displayed on spikes at the entrance to the city. York has everything for fans of history, especially those looking for dark history sites and haunted places in York, England. When I visited York,

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England is drenched in a dark and macabre past. With a history dating back to gruesome events such as the Black Death, cruel Witch Trials to grisly serial killer murders – there is no shortage of places to visit with a dark history in England. Eyam – England’s Plague Village In the English county of Derbyshire sits a village that

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The 17th-century witch trials in England that swept across the country resulted in a wealth of historical witchcraft sites which you can still visit today. What sparked the horrific witch trials and ongoing torture in England? The answer is King James I. He was the initial perpetrator of Scotland’s witch hunts. Following his involvement, witch trials were held throughout the

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Sweat drips down the side of my face as my hand grips the vinyl door handle of our tiny white Toyota Yaris rental car. Chris whizzes down winding country roads, narrowly missing the suicidal pheasants ready to end their lives as they leap into the path of our oncoming vehicle. This was our terrifying drive through England. Where it all

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Most people choose to visit the North York Moors in summer. The temperatures are mild, the grass is lush and wildflowers are blooming. I decided it would be a good idea to visit the North York Moors in November. The moors must not have been expecting visitors, because everything was dead. But it was still beautiful, nonetheless! Bringing the movies

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Want to experience life as a local in Scotland, England or Wales? You need the UK working holiday visa! There are several ways of turning the dream of moving abroad and really understanding a new culture into reality. One way is to go on a “working holiday”. This is how I managed to move to Scotland for two years! I

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What was I thinking when I agreed to visit the Shard? I know I am terrified of heights and one of the reasons you visit the Shard is because it gives you a view of London from 306 metres in the sky. I thought it would be fine because the Shard is enclosed by glass. Not like that time I

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